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The group looks up to Morgan as an authority on most things. Partly because her age and partly because they all think she’s just awesome. Morgan loves and lives for music. Working at the local (dying) music and pop culture store she’s the pathway to new music, and local bands.

Social Studies follows a group of kids through High School as they learn to navigate social encounters, dating, bullies, friends, and enemies. It’s not a story of the cool kids vs the losers. It’s all the kids in between. High School is a tumultuous time for anyone. High school is a time where kids start figuring a lot of things out. They get an idea of who they really are. How they see themselves, and who they’d like to become.

Social Studies History

Way back in 1999 an anxious fourteen year old was late to Earth Science class. He took the one remaining seat at a two top table in the back of the room. The kid next to him was drawing incredible Star Craft drawings. The two became friends instantly and have remained so ever since. The creators poured themselves into these stories and characters as their own friendship strengthened over the years, and decades.

As the comic marinated and came and went from the front of our minds over 21+ years the characters developed into unique individuals. It took some time for the final version to find its way into the world. None of the time leading up to this has been wasted. We poured all of our knowledge, training, and combined life experience into telling the stories we want to tell.

Morgan Dancing Scoop T-Shirt

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