Issue 1 : High School Digital ‘Name Your Price’ Edition



Social Studies : Issue 1 : High School – Digital ‘Name Your Price’ Edition!

Social Studies Issue 1 – Len Hunter finds himself socially ostracized on his first day of High School. By chance he ends up falling in with a tight knit group of friends. Len gets a glimpse of high school hierarchy and what it feels like for someone to really have your back.

This is the same amazing comic, but now you can CHOOSE what to pay. Take it for free to try us out or be awesome and throw us some money!

Social Studies follows a group of kids through High School as they learn to navigate social encounters, dating, bullies, friends, and enemies. It’s not a story of the cool kids vs the losers. It’s all the kids in between. High School is a tumultuous time for anyone. It’s also where kids are expected to figure a lot of things out, including who they really are, how they see themselves, and who they want to become.

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