Chapter 1 Trade Paperback



Social Studies : Chapter 1 Trade Paperback

Here it is! The whole first chapter ready to be consumed by you! This is a really special collection. All 7 issues that make up the first chapter in one book! We did a custom cover design and packed the book with extras. The book is a whopping 198 pages. In addition to the same story offered in the individual issues we give unbranded versions of all of our covers. It’s been a long road to get here and we are thrilled to share this with all of you.

The Chapter 1 Bundle consists of the following stories:

Issue 1: High School – Len Hunter finds himself socially ostracized on his first day of High School. By chance he ends up falling in with a tight knit group of friends. Len gets a glimpse of high school hierarchy and what it feels like for someone to really have your back.

Issue 2: Homecoming – The gang faces the first real trial of their High School lives. Homecoming! Len and Lee get set up on blind dates. Turner and Wesley despise school spirit. Iris puts on a brave face. Roy and Vicky try to have a good time but don’t always see eye to eye. A couple new characters join the fun with mixed results.

Issue 3: Turner L’Artiste – Turner is roped into painting a mural for the school. When someone sabotages his work, Zimmerman blames Turner. With a spotted past already Turner and his friends must work quick to clear his name. Len spies on his old friends. Iris awkwardly asks Vicky for help. A shadow looms over the group. Meanwhile, Lee thinks a prank goes too far and Wesley pays the price.

Issue 4: Len Laments – Len’s forced into a confrontation for the hand of a girl he has no interest in. Turner and Wesley enjoy playing in his grief. They can’t help but stoking the fire. Vicky drags Roy to their first real High School party. Roy rather spend time with his friends. At the party the two need to figure out if this is really what they want.

Issue 5: First Paint – The gang goes to their usual spot for a game of paintball. The Winner’s Circle is there! The two opposing groups decide to settle their differences by facing off. Roy and Iris work well together. Lee freaks out. Len is stuck babysitting Wesley when he eats a ton of candy with some unexpected ingredients.

Issue 6: Great Cypher Escape – The gang’s heard about the craze of Escape Rooms forever. They’re excited to finally dive in. Maybe a bit too excited. An innocent couple get roped into being locked into a tight space with the overzealous group. Things unravel quickly with some outside influence the participants are unaware of. Big personalities clash and the name ‘escape room’ is taken WAY too literally.

Issue 7: Anabasis – A charismatic student summons the cliques of Empire High to come together at a Halloween fundraiser. When he’s attacked, the D-Gens are falsely blamed and now must fight their way home while every other clique is hunting them down.

Social Studies follows a group of kids through High School as they learn to navigate social encounters, dating, bullies, friends, and enemies. It’s not a story of the cool kids vs the losers. It’s all the kids in between. High School is a tumultuous time for anyone. It’s also where kids are expected to figure a lot of things out, including who they really are, how they see themselves, and who they want to become.

Inspired by our own high school experiences and shown through the prism of the 90’s era cartoons we grew up on. Social Studies is a day-in-the-life comic everyone can relate to.

Social Studies is printed to the highest quality possible. It’s written, laid out, drawn, inked, colored, lettered, and distributed by Michael Virgilio and Adam Gagnon. All books are high quality full color printings in ultra high gloss. We took every measure to ensure that authentic comic feel.

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