Social Studies is loaded with a cast of unique characters. Almost all the characters are comprised of pieces of the comic’s creator’s own personalities. Who we were at that age. How we saw ourselves. How we were seen. Maybe most importantly, who we wanted to be. We wanted to show all aspects of the (our) high school experience for our readers to relate to.

In those days everything felt so monumentally big. So final. Some characters feel all that and more. Some of our characters exhibit the more care free sides we really only showed to each other. The care free nature of a teenager, sometimes the ‘nothing is important’ attitude catches up with you. Other characters are representations of people and experiences who changed our lives. Mixed up, boiled down, built up through the imperfection of memory, and brought back to life on the page.

Some of the scenarios in these brightly colored energetic pages are very true to life. Others are warped perceptions based on the flawed human memory overtime. Others still are complete fabrications that help with the narrative, fulfill childhood wishes, or add to the drama of our characters.

While the characters were born from us they have taken on lives, personalities, and traits of their own. The more fabricated story lines and reactions are a result of that.

We thank you for taking this journey with us and hope we’ve captured some of your experiences as well.